René and His Alligator Guitar Boogie
Guitar Boogie, Rosmalen 2010
Rene and his Alligators - Wipe out - Walk don't run
Wipe Out, Hanau (D) early 60's
Renee - Sweet nothings 1978
Sweet Nothing's, 1978
Black eyes. by Renée and the Alligators
Black Eyes
Rene and the Alligators - Alligator boogie (1961)
Alligator Boogie, 1961
High Time He went Renee
High time he went,
Veronica Nederland Muziekland
Renée and the Alligators - In the Mood
In the Mood, Autotron 2004
sweet nothing Renee
Renee playing in East Berlin DDR
 Sweet Nothing's, 1980
Whole Lotta Shakin' Going On (1957) - Renee & the Alligators
Whole Lotta Shakin', Autotreon 2010
Rene an his Alligators - Privat Recording - La Paloma
La Paloma
René and his Alligators - Heisser Sand (1962)
Heisser Sand (1962)
Renée and the Alligators unplugged bij Kakafonie
unplugged bij Kakafonie